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Have you ever wondered why a person needs to travel?

Many people look forward to a vacation every year precisely in order to pack a suitcase and get away from their home. And at the same time, each person prefers his own, suitable specifically for him, type of rest. Someone likes to walk around new cities from morning to night with a list of attractions and a huge map of the city in their hands, someone does not change the usual rhythm of life and slowly walks along the streets, looking into cozy cafes and getting to know the locals, and someone tries to have time to visit all shopping centers and buy interesting things. But ... still, the main reason why a person is going on a trip is the desire to get new emotions and inspiration.

How to apply for a visa and not waste time?

Veles Visas is designed to provide assistance in opening a visa and immersing yourself in the culture of another country as soon as possible. Preparation of documents is a rather troublesome event that requires responsibility and a high level of professionalism. Relying on your own strength in solving this issue without involving specialists will be reckless, because there is a risk of missing something important.

We are ready to help you fulfill any dream and apply for a visa to any country.

Do you want to visit the incredible island of Isola Bella in Italy, feed the pigeons in St. Mark's Square in Venice, take a ride on the glacier express or ride an elephant on the ocean in Thailand? Or maybe you dream of seeing with your own eyes how huge balloons take off into the sky at dawn in magical Cappadocia? We will help you fulfill your dreams and not only apply for a visa to the Schengen countries, but also take on the execution of other permits to enter the country.

With us you are available:

  • Visa to the UAE;
  • Visa to India;
  • Visa to Canada;
  • Visa to Russia;
  • Visa to Turkey;
  • Visa to Thailand;
  • Visa to America;
  • Visa to Australia;
  • Visa to the UK.

Also with us you can not only enjoy incredible journeys, but also realize yourself. Veles Visas is engaged in the registration of student visas and helps young people to reach heights in Canada, Great Britain, India, Australia and other countries of the world. Isn't it wonderful to have the opportunity to become a student at Harvard, Wilhelm University of Westphalia, La Sapienza University of Rome and other prestigious world-class educational institutions? With us, a visa for students is easy and simple, without unnecessary paperwork and in the shortest possible time.

Our staff will be happy to tell you about all the features of obtaining a visa to a particular corner of the globe.

Working with them is the key to your peace of mind.

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