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Wednesday 31 May 2023 г.


The main rule of the business world: read everything, including the fine print.

Today, let’s discuss a case regarding the title deed in Northern Cyprus. Assistance in obtaining a title deed. Hello, everyone! You all know about the most coveted document in Northern Cyprus, with the prestigious name “title deed.” Well, today, we decided to write about it, or rather, about the thorny path that not everyone who wishes can successfully navigate. The difficulty lies in the lack of open and reliable information anywhere regarding whether the property’s location falls within a military zone. And after a lengthy review of the application, a process that can sometimes stretch for more than a year, the owner receives a refusal to transfer the title deed. But let’s suppose someone has obtained the long-awaited permission to transfer the title deed to their name.

Act One. “Let the battle begin!”

The first question in this battle for the Northern Title Deed is, who are the “obstacle throwers” in this process? It’s undoubtedly the UNETHICAL DEVELOPERS AND LAWYERS. It’s incredibly fortunate if the seller’s lawyer correctly filled in the passport details of all parties involved in the sales contract. In addition, the lawyer must create the PERFECT power of attorney from the seller, containing all the secret words that open doors in all governmental institutions. It’s also necessary to fill in some of the seller’s details, such as address, phone number, email, etc. In general, it’s essential to know as much information as possible about the seller.


Because when transferring the title deed, you need to provide a copy of the seller’s valid passport at the time of the transaction to the land registry. This serves as evidence that the person is alive. So, if you bought a property ten years ago and have been living there peacefully, relying on the power of the sales contract, but the seller has passed away, the only way to obtain the title deed is through courts. Legal processes can last for years in Northern Cyprus. Anything can happen, and there are various cases. Next, we will provide an example, and you can draw your own conclusions. One of our clients’ lawyers lost the power of attorney from the seller.

Assistance in obtaining a title deed.

  • What?
  • LOST!!!
  • Who?
  • THE LAWYER!!!!

In other words, to transfer the title deed, the seller must either send a new power of attorney or be present personally. Unfortunately, the seller of our client left the island the day after the transaction, ten years ago. We had absolutely no information except for his name and surname. We conducted searches for several months, without revealing all the secrets of our operational methods, but after three months, we found him. Then, we convinced him for a long time to provide us with a copy of his passport and send the power of attorney. After that, the power of attorney traveled through seas, fields, and rivers to Cyprus. And just when it seemed that we had overcome all the obstacles, completed all the necessary procedures, set a date for the transfer of property rights at the Land Committee… The lawyer did not show up for the transaction!!!!! He didn’t answer calls, lied, and avoided. And all this, just for 500 pounds, for his invaluable contribution to the entire process. Of course, our client agreed to pay for his services, and we completed the title deed transfer. The end!

Applause for the lawyer.

But he is not the worst representative of the “Cheerful Developers and Lawyers” dynasty. There are also those who have been “strangled by the Frog” in nature, and they refuse to transfer the title deed to the buyer and openly renounce their obligations. It’s not always possible to have a reasonable dialogue with them, but we try. Based on everything written, we strongly urge you to transfer the title deeds. Yes, yes, we urge you, specifically to us, at VELES 🙂

In conclusion, we would like to inform you, based on information from representatives of the Ministry of Interior, that the boundaries of military zones will be reduced in the near future. We hope that those who have been denied the title deed will still be able to obtain permission.

Source: Veles Enterprises Article prepared by: Valerii Veles

If you have any questions regarding residency permits, purchasing airline tickets, or apostilled powers of attorney, please contact Veles Property. Our contact phone numbers are +90 542 879 8449 (Elena, Iskele) and 0533 840 4838 (Vera).

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