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In life, we often come across the fact that in order to implement our plans, we need to turn to specialists who are ready to translate documents efficiently and quickly.

This may be a notarized translation of documents for admission to a foreign higher educational institution or the translation of a journalistic article for writing a dissertation research.

Veles Translation can help in solving these and many other issues.

There are no unsolvable tasks for us!

We will be happy to perform:

  • translation of bank documents (balance sheets, reports, statements and other documents);
  • translation of legal documents (contracts, cooperation agreements, tender documents, registration documents, etc.);
  • translation of medical documents (outpatient cards, medical reports, pharmaceutical cards, etc.);
  • translation of personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports);
  • translation of documents in Cyprus from the field of education (diplomas, certificates, educational literature and not only).

What should you know?

Translation is performed by professional translators who have the necessary knowledge in the field of the field of knowledge in which it is required. Because the correct use of terminology is extremely important. Written translation is performed from/to different languages of the world, the most popular are translations into Turkish, Russian, English. In addition to such services as notarial translation, in some cases documents are certified by the Turkish Embassy, and power of attorney - by the court.

Veles Translation also puts an apostille on the documents of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the powers of attorney of third-country citizens who stay in the country.

How does Veles cope with translation?

On average, it takes 2 days to translate a document, but if you need a translation earlier, we are ready to perform it as part of an urgent translation service. After all, we strive to satisfy the client's requests as much as possible.

To order a translation of a document, you must bring the original to the company's office or send a scanned copy of the document online. Additionally, it is necessary to provide the passports of the persons indicated in the documents (this is necessary to verify the spelling of the surname and first name).

What else can we offer?

Among the services there is interpretation. The subject matter and complexity do not matter. Our translators have the necessary qualifications to help you organize negotiations with a foreign company, sports events, press conferences, as well as provide translation services in the courts of the TRNC.

We are always happy to help you and will do everything to provide advisory support to people who are in the country and make translations for those who want to go abroad to study or work, sailors or tourists.

Any questions about the service?

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How long does it take to prepare a document?

On average, it takes 2 days, but the timeframe depends on the format and volume of the document you provide. When you submit the document to the manager, they will inform you of the day when the document will be ready.

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