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You can fully feel the “taste” of Northern Cyprus only if you have the opportunity to realize all your plans and dreams. For some, the dream is their own villa in Girne, and for others - their own business in this incredible country shrouded in legends.

Do not want to fall into the clutches of scammers?

It is worth contacting Veles Consulting not to spend precious minutes of your life monitoring the legislation of an unfamiliar state.

Experienced specialists will provide advice on issues related to:

  • Obtaining permits for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner. Managers will help not only to deal with the list of necessary documents, but will also be happy to accompany a person at all stages of this process. If necessary, we will also undertake the selection of housing or commercial premises for doing business;
  • Re-registration of ownership of real estate;
  • Preparation of contracts for the sale of real estate, deposit agreement, trust with local residents;
  • Conclusion of rental agreements for villas, etc.;
  • Conducting transactions for the sale of houses, villas, apartments, commercial real estate, cars;
  • Registration of contracts in the Tax Service, as well as their registration in the Land Cadastre. Only a contract registered in the manner prescribed by law will protect the rights of the buyer and save you from reselling the villa or restaurant to a third party or obtaining a loan secured by this property;
  • Opening companies for foreigners and citizens of the TRNC. This item is especially popular, because Northern Cyprus is about a loyal tax policy, property security, confidentiality, the absence of corruption schemes, a promising economy and more;
  • Opening of an association, charitable foundation;
  • Obtaining licenses for various activities in Larnaca, Girne, Nicosia and other cities.

Мы прекрасно понимаем, как чувствует себя человек, который сталкивается с незнанием законодательства, языковым барьером, незнакомой для себя обстановкой и потому стремимся выстроить максимально доверительные и близкие отношения с клиентами. Политика компании Veles Consulting выстроена таким образом, чтобы обеспечить им комфортное пребывание на острове и сохранить их спокойный сон

Не стоит отказываться от мечты и возможности стать ближе к этому райскому уголку на земле из-за бумажной волокиты. Мы постараемся взять на себя решение всех проблем и как можно реже прибегать к нарушению Вашего привычного ритма жизни.

Каждый человек, обращающийся к нам в офис - наш друг, которому мы искренне хотим помочь!!

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Do not hesitate to ask your question. Our managers will try their best to find expert that will provide answers upon your request.

Can you help me to relocate existing business to Northern Cyprus?

We provide support for foreigners whether you are planning to relocate existing business or open a new one in a different niche. This service is especially popular, because Northern Cyprus is about a loyal tax policy, property security, and confidentiality. Our experts will answer your questions and help at each stage of the process.

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