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The Mediterranean Sea is the cradle for many civilizations, its waves wash the shores of 21 states.

Charming Mediterranean cities, located on the gentle coast of the sea, are popular when choosing tourist destinations for active travel or a measured rest on the beach. But one of the most successful destinations is tourism to Northern Cyprus. Ancient cities and theaters, picturesque landscapes, legends about knights and crusader castles shrouded in mystery, the sea and cathedrals are intertwined on this island and fascinate every traveler. Here everyone will find something to their liking.

The sights of Northern Cyprus are very different?

If you decide to visit this country, then you will find such magnificent places as:

  • Girne. The breathtaking views of this port city do not leave anyone indifferent. The cleanest beaches, numerous architectural monuments and wooded mountains of the picturesque seaside town attract tourists;
  • the mysterious ghost town of Varosha;
  • the peninsula of Karpaz, where the primeval nature has been preserved. Here you can fully enjoy the unity with her, feed wild donkeys and get to know green turtles, monk seal and many other inhabitants of the peninsula. Golden sands, mighty mountains and olive groves make an indelible impression on travelers. This is where the past connects with the future;
  • monastery of St. Mamas in the city of Guzelyurt;
  • the ancient city of Salamis, walks through which are accompanied by the enchanting noise of the sea and the discordant bird trills. Such a holiday in Cyprus will remain in the memory even after many years;
  • The Cyrenian fortress, whose history goes back to the distant 7th century. A visit to the castle gives tourists the opportunity to visit several fascinating museums, as well as the Byzantine Chapel of St.George, the Tomb of Sadysh Pasha, the Royal Rooms of the Lusignans and much more.

Are you still in love with Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is an amazing place, the splendor of which leaves no one indifferent. Only here you can wake up in the morning on the emerald coast in a chic hotel, swim with huge sea turtles at lunchtime away from human eyes, and at sunset find solace in prayers at the wish-fulfilling icon of St. Andrew the First-Called.

Northern Cyprus is a country worth visiting at least once in your life. We will be happy to help you touch the beautiful and get to know the amazing Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus better.

Any questions about the service?

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How can I get information about a tour with Veles?

By messaging a tourism manager on WhatsApp or Telegram, you will receive a detailed description of planned tours, including dates and details.

Can I book a customized tour?

Yes, we organize customized tours upon request. You can share your preferences with the tourism manager and discuss the details.

Do you offer group tours?

Yes, every two weeks on Sundays, we gather groups and go to Famagusta or Karpaz, Guzelyurt, or Kyrenia.

Can I purchase tickets/book a hotel/transfer in Northern Cyprus or Turkey through you?

Certainly, please contact our tourism manager, and we will assist you in arranging everything you need as soon as possible.

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