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Thursday 26 May 2022 г.


Over the years of work in our practice, there have been many different complex cases that we have successfully solved. Coronavirus realities have added new situations to us.

Here is one of the latest cases of our company – to send a small child of kindergarten age from Northern Cyprus to his homeland in England. The films “Saving Private Ryan” and “Mission Impossible” immediately come to mind. But, Veles employees are not afraid of anything, we can handle any mountains.

At the end of autumn 2020, a grandmother with her beloved granddaughter came from England to Northern Cyprus to relax for a couple of weeks. But the coronavirus changed all plans. As the holiday drew to a close, a new wave of the pandemic swept through the UK. As we remember, Foggy Albion has been completely closed to the whole world and with a hard lockdown inside the country since December 2020. Neither fly out, nor fly in, nor walk around the streets.

Grandmother and granddaughter remained on the fertile island of Cyprus, and both parents, respectively, on the locked-down island of Great Britain. So what, you say, Northern Cyprus is a paradise, sun, sea, fruits, silence. And the parents agreed with this, but the days went by, the weeks flowed, the months changed. The child grew up and already threatened to turn from a slider into a marriageable girl. And the countries still sat under lock and key and did not plan to establish a normal life.

This is a hint…. Let’s return to our case. Loving parents turned to Veles for help, who had not seen their beloved child for almost 6 months and understood that if no active steps were taken, then this could all drag on for years.

The task was set: to return the child to the family, so that parents do not waste their time in quarantine.

This means that one of the parents, in our case, is a mother, since mothers usually have stronger nerves and such a maternal instinct that can break through any resistance and obstacle; must fly to the TRNC, pick up the child at the airport and fly to the UK without leaving the airport building.

As soon as the TRNC Government decided to introduce a 14-day quarantine for those arriving from England, we began a joint operation to return the child to the bosom of the family.

Stage 1. Buy tickets to the TRNC.

It seems to be a simple thing, book online and redeem. But… Residents of foggy Albion were so happy about the opportunity to get to Northern Cyprus that within 20 minutes after the publication of the decision of the TRNC Government, all tickets for the first 3 days were sold out. A little shocked, the parents were still able to snatch a ticket to Northern Cyprus and back at a speculative price.

Stage 2. Prepare the child for departure.

Child’s passport.

Copies of passports of both parents.

A copy of the permission of the second parent to export the child.

Fill out the health care form to search for passengers.

Book and pay for a UK PCR test

A copy of the documents confirming the right of parents to live in the UK.

Permission of the airline to depart the passenger.

And an hour-long brainwash that grandma and mom are trying to steal a child.

Stage 3. Departure from England.

Papers, permits, tests…. The one who flew will understand. Bureaucracy at its peak.

PCR test not older than 72 hours.

Receipt of payment for quarantine in Northern Cyprus.

A document substantiating the grounds for departure from the UK.

Stage 4. Departure from Istanbul.

PCR test not older than 72 hours.

Receipt of payment for quarantine in Northern Cyprus.

And an hour-long brainwash that Northern Cyprus does not accept visitors from England. Accompanied by evidence in the form of printouts of the decision of the Government of the TRNC on the changes made to the regime of entry into the country.

As a result, the maternal instinct won out and the already thoroughly tired parent of the very last was put on the plane, while making a note in the airline’s system that boarding was denied.

Stage 5. Go through the TRNC passport control and pick up the child.

I want to especially note that the difference between the tickets for arrival in Cyprus and departure from it was only 1 hour. The plane from Istanbul arrived at 8.40 and flew back at 9.40.

But such trifles do not frighten the brave managers of Veles. Our professional, smart and just a very punchy girl Diana Bash raised the entire airport and the staff of Turkish Airlines “on the ears”. Thanks to her professional actions, the child and mother were registered for the flight, even before the mother arrived from Istanbul.

Employees of the TRNC border service met the mother of the child at passport control, forced her to take a PCR test, then brought her child to passport control and handed him over to the joyful parent.

Happy ending) happy parents got their daughter back.

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