Advantages and disadvantages of living in North Cyprus

Thursday 07 September 2023 г.


Northern Cyprus is a place that many have heard of, but not everyone knows everything about it. To say more, Northern Cyprus is often associated with mystery and some misconceptions. However, if you have never been to Northern Cyprus but are considering it for a vacation or relocation, you need to know the whole truth. Today, we will talk about key points of Northern Cyprus.

What are the downsides of Northern Cyprus? What do the residents of the northern part of the island face every day?

Everything is very slow – Cypriots, by nature, know how to enjoy life, but for other nationalities who live here and tourists, it is unclear why “tomorrow” does not come “tomorrow” in 90% of cases.

Internet speed – local providers on the island offer internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps, which is sufficient for streaming movies and videos, but it is not high-speed.

Garbage – there are no laws on the island for littering, and garbage sorting is not very popular.

Electricity – due to extensive construction, electricity in Northern Cyprus experiences interruptions during certain seasons. Local authorities are working to address this issue, planning to establish direct channels from Turkey.

But! It’s important to remember that Northern Cyprus is not a metropolis; it’s an island – sunny, hospitable, with friendly people living by the sea, and therefore, locals are so relaxed. This is what captivates Northern Cyprus. This is what makes the island beautiful.


Кипр - северный Кипр: плюсы и минусы острова и жизни

Sea View of Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

In recent years, Northern Cyprus has also been breaking records in terms of foreign real estate investments. In 2021, the American publication Forbes included Northern Cyprus in the top countries for real estate investment.

So, what are the other advantages of Northern Cyprus?

  1. Clean Climate and 330 Days of Sunshine a Year – the air on the island is different from that in a metropolis, and the produce is fresh. Waking up in the morning is easier and more pleasant when the sun is shining outside.
  2. Investment Attractiveness – Northern Cyprus is currently at the peak of its development. Investors are putting money into real estate and generating passive income from renting apartments.
  3. Business Opportunities – the local population does not take on the role of businessmen, which is why many business sectors are open for investment and growth in the northern part of the island. Demand for commercial properties also continues to grow.
  4. Simplified Property Buying Procedure – in Northern Cyprus, you only need a passport to purchase property. An advantage is that they do not request proof of income.

Northern Cyprus is a country that combines a rich history, diverse culture, and immense potential. Despite the mentioned downsides, you can find excellent opportunities here for real estate investment, starting a business, and building your dream life by the sea. The Veles Real Estate Agency is ready to assist you in realizing your plans in Northern Cyprus and provide all the necessary information.

Feel free to reach out to the experts at Veles Property for questions related to buying or selling real estate at +90 (542) 882-84-49. You can also ask your questions at +90 (548) 841-48-38.

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